Boat Ropes

When it comes to boats there are an infinite number of items that are absolutely necessary to achieve good maintenance and operation of the unit. Just as a boat can give you the feeling of freedom, you also need to give a hand from time to time and be aware of everything you need, only then you can fully enjoy all the advantages it offers. All the things for boats you need can be found at the click of a button on, the online shop with the largest catalogue in Europe.

The mooring lines
Mooring and anchoring lines are used on the outside of boats. They are basically ropes, but they are made with special materials that resist high pressures, friction and exposure to the sun and salt water. You can find ropes of all brands and sizes in the nautical shop, where you will always have the best prices without leaving your home.

Mooring Cape Hand-made Blue with Gaza inox 7mt x 22 mm, is one of the best quality ropes you can buy on, we have a wide variety for all needs.

The anchoring ropes
Anchor lines are those that are used to spend most of the time at sea, for example, the one that holds the anchor of the boat. They are made with materials highly resistant to weather, weight, friction etc. nautical spare parts and one of the mooring lines that you can buy on is the Cabo de Fondeo Plomado 10mm x 30mt, made of nylon and made with gauze at one end, includes in the last 10 meters lead integrated in the soul of the line, includes stowage bag.

You will also have at your disposal other elements related to the ropes such as a manual electric rope cutter, 220v power supply, heats the lower blade and this makes the cuts on ropes and halyards effective and durable.

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On test: Contest 67CS

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Meet Ibiza on luxury yacht

Spain is known for having countless tourist sites that leave anyone enchanted, one of them is the beautiful Ibiza and Formentera, known for the great parties and nightlife where everyone can live in contact with the salty sea breeze while enjoying a wonderful holiday.

And what better way to get to know the sea than by sailing? Barracuda Ibiza Charter is a company that takes care of renting boats of different presentations accompanied by a number of luxuries to ensure you and those who accompany you an experience you will never forget.
Whether you want it for a full week or just to spend the day with everything, Barracuda has it all… also be sure to ask about their boat routes in Ibiza, where you’ll find a wide variety of destinations to discover the beautiful beaches and scenery in style and pleasure.
Ibiza is a place where elegance and style abound in each of its characteristics, and of course, boats could not be the exception being one of the main components of it. Every day there are more sophisticated and elegant styles that cross the waters of these islands.
That’s why this company offers a wide variety of stylish boats, where you’ll feel like a celebrity as your skin tans and you enjoy the view.
In the category of stylish boats and launches have models with a lot of style like Fjord, Wally, Vanquish and more.

Catching the sun in style
Among its outstanding models is the Van Dutch 40 N year 2010, a luxury boat that you can rent in low and medium seasons for 1400 € and in high for 1600 €. Where the base port where it disembarks is Ibiza and has the capacity of up to 9 people to enjoy with all yours.
To check availability of dates and prices you can call or write to your WhatsApp or email, where they will not take long to answer all your questions. The rental price does not include fuel (100 liters per hour of navigation) or VAT of 21%.
The proportions of this Vandutch are 12.08m length, 3.5m beam and 0.82m draft. It has two engines of 260 HP, and has two types of speed: cruising 22 knots and maximum 30 knots.
In the boat’s facilities you will find autopilot, GPS, Radio CD stereo, GPS, auxiliary tire, bathing platform and more.
Even a snorkel equipment for you to explore the beauties it keeps under the surface of the sea and delight not only with the beautiful landscapes from above but also from below.
Everything designed so that you and your partner, your family or friends have the best experience in a luxury boat with all the comforts.

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Nordship 430DS Boat Review

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Navigation lights

Light is a major factor in being able to navigate at night. As with land transport, as in the case of cars, boats need lights to be able to cross the sea when the sun has set.

Navigation lights are very important. No one can know when to sail at night or what to look for at night, so these lights are considered something that cannot be missing in every boat, regardless of the size of it.

Navigation lights need special bulbs, which can guarantee a great illumination during the night, but at the same time they can resist the impact of hostile climates or salt water.

Where to look
If you are looking for high quality light bulbs that can have a long service life, it is best to go to top quality shops, such as is an online nautical shop, which is responsible for selling the best products that may be in the market. The store knows that consumers appreciate quality, so it is only dedicated to having the best-developed products on the market, regardless of the cost it may have.

The store has an extensive line of bulbs for navigation lights and all kinds of electrical components for your boat. The bulbs were developed to ensure that consumers can keep the space where the boat is well lit, eliminating the unknown of not knowing what is around.

Resistant to any weather
The bulbs are very resistant and can withstand storms, bad weather in general and the different oxidizing agents that may be in salt water. All this makes the light bulbs that are sold by the company, are considered as a reference of quality and safety.

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Million Pound Mega Yachts

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